Moving blogs…again

Jun 30

This time it’s for a reason! The guys at LosTechies have been kind enough to invite me to their list of authors/coders and I, of course, readily accepted it. Thanks guys! The new url is:

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Fubu, Spark, Diagnostics, and Validation

Jun 24

I’ve been promising a few posts for a while now so I thought I would combine them all into one simple, concrete example. So, today we’re going to get these three components to play nice together and see what we can come up with. The structure of this post is for you to walk through this with me. I’ll warn you, I’m going to intentionally gloss over things....

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Startups, OSS, and Fubu

Jun 11

For those of you that aren’t aware, I started a business venture a couple of months ago that has already taken me through quite a journey. Putting aside the family reunions, wedding, moving, my mother-in-law’s surgery, our long stays in Conroe, and a baby on the way – work has kept me very busy these last few weeks. That being said, we reached 1.0 status this...

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How we handle configurable configuration

Jun 07

I purposely titled this post similarly to Josh Flanagan’s “How we handle application configuration” post due to the fact that we’re using the exact same approach (I’ll be writing about the updated solution using FubuCore which I happen to know is used by his team as well). The difference is in our goals over here at Perioperative...

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Specifications, Policies, and Composition

May 27

For a variety of reasons, we’re stuck with Linq to SQL for the first release of our product. I could fill up plenty of posts over why this pisses me off as a developer. But as a business owner, I’ll tell you that it’s working and that I’m not willing to spend the effort to overhaul everything before a deployment. Again, that’s not the point of this post....

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Taking a minute to breathe.

May 22

It’s been a non-stop adventure. I’ve been going 99 miles a minute since Day 1. Day in and day out, I’ve been wanting something better out of our product.  Today I happily took my first “day off” for quite some time. I was able to do so because we’re now putting finishing touches on our 1.0 release and I’m able to take a...

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